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New Features for 2018


Increased stability and absorption is always an advantage. The new MotoTrax IDT - Intelligent Dampening Technology stabilizer absorbs small bumps and increases travel to the kit, further enhancing its dirt bike feel. This springless strut provides ideal damping characteristics when you need it WITHOUT compromising deep snow and steep terrain performance.

MotoLink EVO

We pride ourselves on our dirt bike approach to the snowbike market. The innovative use of rising rate suspension in our MotoLink design is the most obvious influence of our dirt bike roots. This design uses a single shock, single swingarm and a linkage to maintain the stock balance of the bike. From jumping to railing berms to blitzing whoops, it just feels right. A new feature for 2018 is the MotoLink Evo, this added feature is mounted to the front of the skid and improves high speed trail and side hill stability while also improving overall durability.


The new, unique 2.5 inch saw tooth hybrid track comes equipped with taller center paddles and no taper. Whether you're shredding the backcountry or you're lined up at the start gate, Turn traction into action.

Fox Shox

We have worked tirelessly on refining the shocks on our kits to enhance performance. Our focus is to provide a smoother ride with more bottoming resistance. The result - That true dirt bike feel in every condition!

Pivoting Skid

The other major dirt bike influenced feature is the pivoting skid. This allows us to run a wider track for better floatation and traction while still maintaining a nimbler feel than the competition, every turn of the bars!

Ski Mount

Redesigned for 2018 all Mototrax kits come with a new Billet 6061 ski mount, a newly designed ski frame, and a new rubber damper. This results in less lateral movement and dramatically improves ski function in all snow conditions, especially on hard pack and deep snow!


MotoTrax was the first to offer a fully enclosed brake system and we’ve made it better for 2018. Our new mounting system increases maintenance efficiency, while improving durability and performance. Our new rotor guard design has integrated drainage ports to further reduce the chance of brake iceing.

Rear Arm

The rear arm slider is now 20% larger and machined with a constant radius to increase strength. It is also preloaded with a custom wound, heavy spring. This feature provides a more balance skid and improves the attack angle, enhancing overall traction and reducing deep snow trenching.

Track Stays

Track tension is critical for optimal performance. The new track stays allow for quick and easy track adjustments and eliminate the possibility of the track loosening.

Carve Ski

The MotoTrax Carve ski was designed from the ground up to work with a dirt bikes characteristics. Whether you are in bottomless powder or tearing up the trail, the carve ski will keep you planted and upright.

Chain Adjust

The MotoTrax chain adjustment system is the most effective and simple design on the market, don’t believe us? Ask the competition, they copied it!


When the #1 podium spot is on the line, weight and efficiency is of most importance. We have redesigned the bulkhead to be even stronger and lighter than ever before. The new bulkhead also features a new lighter chain guide and faster chain adjustment.


The Pinnacle of Snow Bikes

$5799 / $5999

Sintered brake pads
DID X-Ring chain and lightweight sprocket
Spoked rear idlers
The shock on the MX model is Fox’s RC2 shock and the valving is stiffer to better suit the harder riding conditions you will find out on the track!
Optional 129″ Track
Ski + ForkSafe Ski Mount

Are you ready to rise to the next level?

The Motocross is more than just a race kit, it's our factory edition model that incorporates all of our latest developments into the most advanced snow bike kit available. No expense spared and no detail left out...this kit represents the very best in our lineup, that won't be beat. Whether you're headed to the top of the mountain or the top of the podium this kit is ideal for you, the serious rider that's ready to push the limits!

Motocross Performance Rating










Where nimble and high mark, go hand in hand


Composite Spoked Idler
Regina X-Ring Chain
Includes gas can, tunnel bag and tool bag.
Ski + ForkSafe Ski Mount

Going extreme in the backcountry just became your reality.

The Mountain kit is the necessary tool to take your riding from ordinary to extraordinary! Climbing the steepest shoots, sidehilling the most jagged peaks, and floating through the powder covered forest will be your regular itinerary. This kit comes standard with every feature needed to make all of your adventures” one for the record books”…The Mountains are calling.

Mountain Performance Rating










All fun with no compromise


120″ Track
Gold Regina X-Ring Chain
Ski + ForkSafe Ski Mount
Custom tuned free riding version of our premium Fox IFP Shock

Do you want to freeride, boondock, and explore the snow-covered hills, mountains and trails?

Then this is the kit for you! The Enduro is designed to go anywhere, and ride what’s in front of you. Tailored for all round performance, the MotoTrax Enduro is made to get you out and back again. The Enduro is fully featured with all the great technology and innovations that MotoTrax is known for!

Enduro Performance Rating









Track Specifications

Suspension Travel 11” Front and 14” Rear
Adjustable Strut 4” of adjustment, threaded top and bottom for on bike adjustment
IDT- Intelligent Dampening Technology Additional travel of 2” front and 6” rear
Ski Frame ForkSafe Ski Mount – Patent Pending
Bushings Self-lubricating Composite Material
Brake System Willwood single piston floating caliper coupled with Galfer stainless steel brake line
Brake Rotor 5.25” stainless steel, developed to shed snow and heat
Stock Gearing 16 tooth inner hub, 13 tooth outer hub, 16 tooth driveshaft
Rear Idler Size 8-inch W/ 6205 center bearing
Track Drivers 7 tooth, 2.86 pitch
Track Custom Camso Challenger Hybrid W/ center ports and no outside lugs.
120″-129″, 12.5″ Width, 2.5″ center lug, 2″ outer lug, 2.86 pitch

Compare the Models

Enduro.120 Mountain.129 Motocross.120/129
Shock Fox IFP Fox IFP Fox RC2
Kit Weight (approx.) 110lbs 115lbs 105lbs/110lbs
Preload adjustment YES YES YES
High Speed Compression Damping YES YES 24 Clicks
Low Speed Compression Damping YES YES 24 Clicks
Rebound Damping YES YES 24 Clicks
MTX Fuel Sytem (2.7 Gallon) Optional Included Optional
Brake Pads SC2 Organic SC2 Organic Sintered Metallic
Chains Regina X-Ring Regina X-Ring D.I.D X-Ring
Driveshaft Sprocket Standard Standard Lightweight
Rear Idler Wheels 8” Solid 8” Spoked Composite 8” Spoked Billet

Ski Specifications

Ski MotoTrax CARVE Ski
Width 9.61”
Length 43.44”
Keels 1 – Center, 2 – 15° angled outer, all with real carbide runners
Center Keel Depth 2.75”
Outer Keel Depth 1.75”
Material Heavy Duty UHMW
Weight 10.5lbs

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