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Enduro.120 Full System

Do you want to freeride, boondock, and explore the snow-covered hills, mountains and trails? Then this is the kit for you! The Enduro.120 is designed to go anywhere, and ride what’s in front of you. Tailored for all-around performance, the MotoTrax Enduro.120 is made to get you out and back again.

  • The Enduro is perfect for dirt bikers and beginners

  • High-performance kit engineered to your bike’s natural feel

  • The only rising rate suspension on the market with lateral articulation and solid construction

  • Lateral articulation = pivots from side-to-side creating a nimble and agile feel

  • Mimics the stock balance of the bike

  • An incredible experience for those who do not want to put their bikes away

  • 1 year warranty

  • Made in the USA