Take a podium spot and you’ll take home a piece of over $28,000 in prize money. We’re giving out thousands of dollars at over 30 races in the 2016-2017 season.

Riders in the AMA Championship Series, ISOC National Championship, Cor Powersport Midwest Race Series, ECS Race Series, and RMSHA Snow Bike Hill Climb Series are eligible.

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To qualify for our contingency program: download the forms below, fill them out, and mail them to us before the event.

Download Requirements FormDownload Registration Form
AMA Championship Series

$6,250 Total Prize Money

ISOC National Championship

$5,500 Total Prize Money

MCQMX Moto for BC


$1,000 Total Prize Money

ECS Race Series


$5,500 Total Prize Money

RMSHA Snow Bike Hill Climb Series

$6,000 Total Prize Money

Cor Powersport Midwest Race Series

$5,500 Total Prize Money

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