About MotoTrax

We’re dirt bike riders through and through, and we started our company in the summer of 2014 with one goal in mind: to create the most dirt bike-like experience on a snow bike possible. We threw out conventional ideas of what a snowbike should be and started with a blank slate, going over every single part and piece to see how we could improve it.

When we were finished, we knew we had created something special: a snowbike that feels and rides like a dirt bike. Ever since, we’ve been working year round to develop our kits to be lighter, stronger, faster, and more maneuverable than any other kit on the market.

We think motocross is the greatest sport in the world, so we’ve been working hard to bring snowbiking into the mainstream and introduce as many people to it as possible. We travel the United States with two demo fleets of 2017 KTMS, partner with companies and race events in over 10 states, and offered over $30,000 in cash prizes to snowbike racers in 2016 alone. We designed three types of kits so that people of all interests and riding styles can get the most out of their kits. We live and breathe snow biking and work 7 days a week to design, manufacture, and build kits that we’re proud to share with you.

Key features of our 2017 kits
  • MotoLink pivoting skid system lets bike lean while keeping the track in full contact with the trail
  • Industry’s best & safest brake system
  • Efficient track system allows kits to be ran on smaller bikes than competing kits
  • Rising rate suspension give true dirt bike feel, absorbs smaller bumps while remaining stiffer for big drops
  • American made
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Media Contacts

For any further information or for interview requests, please give us a call at 1-800-378-6957.

Downloadable Press Kit

Press Kit

For your convenience, we’ve created a .zip file with logos, photos of our kits, action shots, and pre-rendered featured images for articles.

Download Press Kit


Logos can be added to featured images or used alone. It should be black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds, we’ve included versions of both that you can use in your media.

Photos & Feature Images

Action shots can be used in your article and featured images. We’ve also included pre-made featured images with logos, product taglines, and design elements that will make your article stand out.

Kit Photos

Kit photos have been provided for all of our 2017 kits: the Trax.Enduro, Trax.Mountain, and Trax.Motocross. If used as standalone images in the article, photo captions should identify the kit.

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