Aaron Sterck #285

About Me: I have lived in Pinedale, Wyoming my whole life. I have enjoyed being close to the mountains and love the small town life. I spend my summers on my dirtbike in the mountains and desert and spend my winters on my snowmobile mountain riding and running ruts to practice for the season. My wife is my constant companion both at home and racing. I work in the oilfield and am thankful every day for that opportunity.
Racing Background: I started racing 2006. I ran in the RMSHA Semi-Pro division for two years and then moved to the Professional Division. I was invited to join the Polaris Race Team in 2011. I race under Trenchline Racing. My teammate, Logan Brewer, is a semi-pro racer, co-owner/operator of Mountain Armor and also an awesome mechanic who keeps things running with my wife, Cheyenne. Many of my friends pitch in to help out, especially in Jackson and I couldn’t do all of this without their support!


• 2012 600 Stock 2nd place- World Championship

• 2013 700 Mod 1st place- World Championship

• 2013 600 Mod 1st place- Pinedale

• 2013 800 Stock 1st place-Schweitzer

• 2014 600 Mod 1st place- Pinedale

• 2014 800 stock 2nd place- World Championship

• 2014 Open Mod 3rd-RMSHA Points Champion

• 2015 700 Imp 1st place- Afton

• 2015 700 Imp 1st place- Pinedale

• 2015 700 Imp 1st place- RMSHA Points Champion

• 2015 700 Stock 3rd- RMSHA Points Champion

• 2015 800 Stock 4th-RMSHA Points Champion

• 2016 700 Imp 1st place- Afton

• 2016 Snowbike Exhibition 1st place-World Championship


    Pinedale, WY



  • #484 285 – Polaris 800
  • husqvarna 450/MotoTrax Scout-XC
  • Polaris 800
  • Polaris 800
  • Polaris 600



    • Cheyenne Sterck
    • Logan Brewer
    • Lucas Mastin
    • Justyn Heater (The Beebs)



Justin Homan

Justin  Homan is a Graduate of the University of Washington, where he graduated in the top 5% of the School of Business, working an 8-5 “suit and tie” job as General Manager of a large corporation. He has a full time commitment to Freestyle Motocross, competing, putting on shows, and demos virtually every weekend of the year.  Because of Homan’s polarized career paths, there is much interest from both the weekend warriors, full time action sports enthusiasts, and media representatives.

Homan prides himself of being a true role model for kids and being a business professional in every aspect of his life.  Homan has been credited with many trick variations, like the “Holyman”, earning first place in the Nashville X-Games Big Air category against X-Game Gladiators, such as Nate Adams, Brian Deegan, Ronnie Faisst, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, and Kris Rourke.  Being considered an O. G. of FMX, Justin is better than ever, out-performing X-Games medalists on a regular basis.  Not to mention bringing unparalleled prestige, family qualities and a unmatched role-model credentials to motorsports events.


MXthirteen, Justin Homan’s Freestyle Company, is the exclusive Metal Mulisha event producer for the PNW and affiliate for the entire West Coast. Metal Mulisha is the world’s most winning Team in X-Game history, owning the most X-Game medals of any other team of all the disciplines of X-Games.

Ryan Phillips

About Me: Born and raised in Baker City, OR.  I am a fourth generation rancher on my fathers side and third on my mothers side of the family.  My family knows cattle, it’s their passion.  I am the same way with only one difference; I am also a motor head through and through.  Before anything else I wanted a dirt bike as kid, my parents were totally against it.  So I made due with “four-wheelers” and snowmobiles.  When I was 17 I finally was able to buy my first bike, a Honda XR 250. Not exactly my style of bike, I soon figured that out and got a CR125R.  Oh yeah race bikes were awesome, you could jump them all day and thats what I was in to.  It was on from there, learning the craft and trying to stay healthy.  All the while I continued sledding, working my way into the industry and filming in the back country.  After making a sponsor demo video in 2005 I gave sledding up for a year, dealing with a broken wrist from moto.  Then consequentially in 2007 right after I picked up a brand new Ski-Doo from a local dealer I got a call for Frontier Films, makers of the 2 Stroke Cold Smoke Series, to do some filming.  In 2008 we filmed my first segment in 2SCS11, then I went on to have parts in 12 & 13.  After that I had a segment in 208 Productions film Counter Balance and then some solo projects with Scott Fraser and Jackalope Media.  All the while riding and racing dirt bikes in the summer, occasionally working with Scott Fraser getting media, https://vimeo.com/130841813 Then I was given a chance to ride a snowbike for the first time thanks to the Moto-Trax crew last spring, ever since I have been hooked.  I am lucky enough to be working with Moto-Trax this year, I am very excited.  The possibilities are wide open and I can’t wait to see what this season has in store, Moto-Trax is a whole new adventure.   https://vimeo.com/116124093





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Snowpulse by Highmark

Snake River PCS

Barley Browns Beer

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